The Incredible Ad Hominators and Gay Marriage

True.  It’s not a word…Ad Hominators.  I made it up.  It’s my way of referring to those zealous folks who regularly revert to Ad Hominem attacks when debating or disagreeing with other people.  We are indebted to our Latin writing ancestors for “Ad Hominem” meaning “Against the Person” or “To the Man.”  Ad Hominators rely on this tool when they cannot win their point by disputing the facts or elements in debate.  So they attack the person.  Really good Ad Hominators are like the guy who goes bow hunting but hides a Glock in his jacket in case he can’t get his deer the honest way.  “You can always blast ‘em if no one’s lookin’!”  Ad Hominators sort of keep this ultimate weapon tucked away but they have it if necessary.

Ad Hominators attacked Jesus all the time.  “We don’t care how many people you healed Jesus or how sensible your teachings are.  We think you have a demon!”  Attack the person not their views or even their performance.  Of late, this is particularly found in exchanges about “Gay Marriage.”

I’m an evangelical Christian Pastor with thirty-five years in the ministry.  Yet, several Ad Hominators insist that I am a bigot.  Another tired word these days meaning simply hateful based on prejudice.  Now, to be sure, there are bigots who hate gays for no other reason than that they are gay.  Or hate Christians because they are Christians etc.  But not all people who are against gay marriage are bigots.  My response to a few Ad Hominators I’ve known on this issue:

I am not homophobic

I do not hate gays

I am not afraid a gay person might harm me

I am not afraid I might be gay

I am not afraid to minister to gays; I have known quite a few

I am not impaired by transference, counter-transference or any other kind of ference

I simply believe it is obvious that homosexual activities are contrary to human design

I am certain that the Bible condemns homosexual activities

I can assure those who say it does not that they are in error or Biblically ignorant

I think that many gays are nice people and good citizens and love children

I also think that gay parenting will prove less than ideal in the years ahead

I know that the morbidity rates among active gays are higher than the general population

I know that the suicide rates among active gays are much higher

I know that active gays are likely to have shorter life spans in any case

I know that many cruel people are hateful towards gays

I suspect that being hated is not the cause of soaring bowel cancer rates among gay men

I understand that homosexual desires are “natural” to homosexuals but all people are  born  with “natural” desires that are socially and personally destructive if allowed by society; man “naturally” desires his neighbor’s wife or car…yet we do not condone him acting on those desires

I am certain that God designed marriage to be the privilege of a man and a woman

I know that Jesus did not specifically condemn gay marriage …but he did not condemn  abortion, pedophilia or crack cocaine; lack of condemnation hardly constitutes approval.

My reasoning is persuasive to myself.  Yet, the Ad Hominators insist “Yes, but behind all of that…you’re just a bigot!”  Then they put the Glock back into their jacket and pretend they used the bow.


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5 responses to “The Incredible Ad Hominators and Gay Marriage

  1. rjalberta


  2. Ken Roesler

    Jesus’ message was taken as poke in the eye of society. Your position, is consistent with a biblical worldview. Those with a secular worldview will find it objectionable. That’s because the message is spiritually discerned. I hope those objecting explore your position in the context of scripture. Mission accomplished. WOW! What a start!

  3. Happy to read this. I actually heard a pastor on the radio speaking in favor of homosexuality say that he believes “if Jesus were alive today he would approve of homosexuality,” and that God created homosexuality. That was quite disheartening to hear — that a pastor is preaching this in his church. Thank you for posting this. I hope it is read by many.

  4. Ron Kelley

    Pastor – thank you for putting so clearly, what all of us who believe in the Scriptures wish we could get across to a world which confuses standing for the truth as being intolerant and hateful. Many will read this and still not get the intent that it clearly conveys – speaking the truth in love. My old business partners wife used to put it this way when encountering someone who just doesn’t want to hear, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him smart”. Let’s hope she is wrong and that some will hear and believe.

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