The Strange and Curious World of “Dr.” Kermit

Years ago, “Dr.” Kermit went to medical school.  A good school too.  Fully accredited.  At the end of his studies, he joined his classmates in saying the “Hippocratic Oath.”  Something about doing no harm.  That was long ago.  Somewhere along the line, “Dr.” Kermit became a specialist in “Women’s Health Care.”  He was always available if  a needy woman contacted him for “health” reasons relating to an unwanted sort-of-human-being in her home.  We’ll just refer to these living whatevers as “Sort-ofs” ….anyway…

One day “Dr.” Kermit visited the house of a particularly vexed young mother whose “Sort-of” had created “health” problems for her.  Things like financial distress or an inability to return to school or an impeded social life.  Actually the “Dr.” didn’t really care what her reasons were. His job was to eliminate the problem.  So, he went inside with his usual tools.  Hammers and scrapers and chemicals.  His methods included crushing the skull or tearing off the limbs or burning off the skin of the unwanted “Sort-of” non-person whose presence in the house was obnoxious to the woman who was actually “its” mother.

However, this day got complicated in that “it” stubbornly did not seem to die.  Finally the “Dr.” dragged “it” out of the house and onto the front porch where he could move about more freely and see better.  The “it” was moving and breathing but that was of no consequence to the “Dr.” He simply took out a pair of long surgical sheers and cut the remaining life out of “it.”  What he had not anticipated was that several neighbors were standing nearby and watched his “health care procedure” and thought…maybe, just maybe…there might be something illegal happening there.  Or even immoral.

And it turned out that there was!  For, you see,  an oddity of the law in his strange and curious world came into play.  It seems that when a “Sort-of” is inside a house they are not considered a human being with a right to life.  But when they are outside of  the house, these “Sort-ofs” become are real people with human rights!  So, the “Dr.’” was dragged off to court and charged with murder!  How amazing was that?  If he had only finished the job when the unwanted “Sort-of” mass was inside the house, he would have been hailed as a “health care provider!”  But his mistake was doing his work on the outside and thus, accruing to himself the certain tile of “murderer.”

Now, the story gets even more interesting.  In the “Dr.’s” world there was and is an organization that defends fellows such as him.  This group is very compassionate towards women with unwanted “Sort-ofs” but not concerned about the “Sort-ofs” themselves.  They like “Drs.” such as “Dr.” Kermit.  So, they came to make their concerns known.  And what exactly were they unhappy about?  Were they horrified at the events that took place on the porch? No.  Were they stunned that a living person…a baby…could be treated this way?  No.  They were livid that the “Dr.” left a mess inside the house!  It was supposed to be spotless rendering the woman who called him initially totally free of all consequences.  As we’ve said…and are compelled to say again…strangely and curiously, that organization showed no concern for the mass that became a human being once it was dragged out onto the porch.  No.  Their real issue was the house was damaged!  They are strange and curious in and of themselves…we must observe.  Why?  Because they grow quickly livid at any “health” issues relating to mothers but never to the “Sort-ofs.”  In any case, they could not help their “Dr.” friend because he had done his evil deed on the porch instead of in the house…thus changing the definition of victim from “Sort of” to a genuine child…a real human being.  So…as it turns out… location makes all the difference in the “Drs.” World!  The critical issue in being granted the status of a human being is where you are!  Inside you’re a “Sort-of” but outside you’re  human.  That’s simple.

But the story has an even more strange and curious ending.  The court convicted the “Dr.” of murder.  And now they are sending him to an even bigger house.  One filled with other fiends who work for the dark side.  And we have to wonder.  Will one of those residents in that big house decide that the “Dr.” is not a real human being because, after all, he will be on the inside of the house and put him to death?  What if he is considered a threat to their “health?”  Or…perhaps they will show him the mercy he never showed to hundreds…maybe thousands…of helpless “Sort-ofs.”  That would be unexpected and strange and curious.

[Note: The trial of “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania should prompt all honest thinkers to consider the absurdity of our nation’s abortion laws.  One can find no difference in the actions of the abortionist who kills outside of the womb from the one who only kills inside.  So, in the end, according to this ethic…our humanity depends not on who we are or who made us or what we are.  It is decided by WHERE we are.   Can the “pro-Choice” side continue to deny the obvious?  Kermit Gosnell merely did what every other such “health care provider” is doing.  He killed babies.  And can the Pro-Choice community not be found guilty of the same denial as the German neighbors next to the concentration camps?  They smelled the burning flesh.  They knew. And today’s burring flesh that informs the guilty neighbors? The ultra-sound.  Everyone has seen it.  They all know what is happening.  Strange and curious.  And terrifying to contemplate. All the more when we consider this: “We will all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ” – 2 Corinthians 5:10]


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6 responses to “The Strange and Curious World of “Dr.” Kermit

  1. KP

    This is really good. Thanks.

  2. revtimbrown

    “Reductio ad absurdum” works rhetorically if the hearers can recognize the absurdity as such. Unfortunately, our culture (by and large) is beyond clarity in ethics and embraces absurdity as a rule. Gosnell’s case is only one more example of what our culture is being reduced to.

  3. Michele Cloutier

    wow. location location location. honestly it doesn’t matter if it is in the house or on the porch, a baby is a baby and Dr. Kermit is a sad pathetic person. May the Lord have mercy on him… The ethics in this country is pathetic. I took an ethics class during my undergrad years ago and fought and argued with my professor that ethics is based on religion, at least mine is. Needless to say, he didn’t agree with me and I ended up with a C in the class. He is probably one of those…”drs” supporters.

  4. Ron Kelley

    Thank you Pastor Alberta for your clarity. Just today, the news reported that a bill in Texas that would have banned abortion failed to pass because of a filibuster on the floor by Texas Senator Wendy Davis. She said to the Associated Press, quote, “It shows the determination and spirit of Texas women,” she told the AP. The only spirit we see working here is the spirit of unrighteousness. I am reminded of the deception described in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

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