Matthew Challenge Update 2


Monday January 19, 2015

A few thoughts on…

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God”  The ESV retains the original wording using “sons” which is technically correct.  I suggest that it is a reasonable observation to note that the Word of God being written in the first century would naturally do so.  Patriarchy and male leadership was a given.  Let there be  no doubt that the point of our Lord is that Christians will be blessed as they seek to be peacemakers; this would not be a male behavior only.  Thus, for example, the NLT says: “children of God.”  In any case, Jesus is looking for us to be…PEACEMAKERS!

Also note…”peacemakers” is from the Greek word “iren-ay” …. a seldom used modern word is rooted in this idea.  To behave in an “irenic” way is to promote peace.  Know anyone named…Irene?  🙂

Matthew 6:13  “And lead us not into temptation…”  A great observation made by a sister in the Lord was this: “I sometimes also pray for others not to be led into temptation!”  A great idea for intercession for those we love in Christ. Perhaps especially for our young people.




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2 responses to “Matthew Challenge Update 2

  1. Debi S

    I was sitting next to the night shift nurse, Irene, when I read this while waiting for someone before I left work after my shift. I laughed and told her a snapshot description of the challenge, then read the paragraph about Irene to her. She is not a Christian, but a sweet good nurse, and it opened a brief spot to slip in something about the Bible and talk about names and the meaning of mine and where it comes from (Deborah being a Hebrew name and having been a judge for the nation of Israel). Neat how God works. 🙂 Thank you for the challenge and the blogs– both have been very encouraging and helpful this past week!

  2. Rob Curtis

    How about poor in spirit? I think you have addressed this from the pulpit but I wouldn’t mind another explanation of this phrase.

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