Pray in May! April 25, 2016

Pray in May!

I hope that you will sign up and sign on to our “Pray in May” initiative this year. Now, perhaps more than ever, God’s people need to spend time in His presence for our nation and His Church in this troubling age. These blog posts will offer a daily prayer reminder for those who are interested. And by all means…send me ideas and interactive suggestions that I might include on this topic. (No hurt feelings please if your idea does not make it to print :))

In short: EXTRA prayer time in May. If you are a Cornerstone-ite, or even if you are not, please consider going to our website and sign up for a time slot(s) during May. The Sanctuary on Hilton Road in Brighton will be open at seven AM for those who would like to join in corporate prayer.

Today’s “profound thought” might come from an old Ray Charles song from the fifties in which he sang:

“My mother told me, before she passed away…she said son when I’m gone don’t forget to pray ‘Cause there’ll be hard times, hard times…’”

Blessings! Pastor Alberta


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3 responses to “Pray in May! April 25, 2016

  1. Ronald Kelley

    Thank you Pastor Alberta. Rhonda and I are passing this along to our new friends her in Kentucky and will be joining the many who have signed on to pray even more fervently in the month of May. Grace and Peace to you!

  2. Thank you Pastor Alberta for this call to prayer. Rhonda and I have passed this along to many of our new friends here in Kentucky and will be joining with all those who will be praying even more fervently in the month of May. Grace and Peace!

  3. Ada Wise

    I will pray in May an thank you. Ada Wise

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