“Unanswered Prayers!”

“Unanswered Prayers!”

Psalm 10:1 (NIV)
“Why, O LORD, do you stand far off?
Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?”

We need to be truthful about this. There are times when prayer goes unanswered. Reasonable and good and sweet and honest and hopeful prayers that God seems to be ignoring. He seems very far away. Perhaps the problem is with our perceptions about where God is. He is always near and there is nothing that He does not hear! We may feel that He is distant and that He has tuned us out…but that is not possible.

What to do? Pray more! Prayer harder! Pray joyfully! Praise Him in prayer and thank Him for developing perseverance in your spirit!
I met a man who cheerfully asked me to rejoice with him. His brother was saved recently. “How long did you pray for him I asked?” He replied “Forty years.” Forty years?! But …his “unanswered prayer” was finally answered! God be Praised!


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5 responses to ““Unanswered Prayers!”

  1. Shirley Hendricks(Ernie)

    Thank you for this encouragement!

  2. Jennifer Pheley

    God be praised for unanswered prayers! I prayed for years to conceive a child and only after adopting my two precious children did I realize why my prayers went unanswered. God made my body broken so I could be the mother of the babies he had planned for me (Samuel and Grace). Sam 1:27

  3. Ilene Moots

    I like to believe that God answers all prayers and none go unanswered. Often His response is “no” or “wait” and we may never know why. Parents say this to pleading children. We are no different. Sometimes the fault lies within us, or God has a different plan. Of course we should continue to pray.
    When God’s answer is “yes” and our petition is granted, we rejoice in His goodness and praise Him for His infinite power and mercy. The knowledge of this “yes” sustains us and helps us to endure when other answers are “no” or “wait”.
    Above all, trust in Him. He is always near and never afar off.

  4. Carlene Meyer

    I have found many times in my life that “unanswered” prayer is God’s wise timing in action. Even if the answer was “no” sometimes time tells me why. I’ve also started thanking God ahead of time when I pray for dealing with whatever the issue is in His way instead of only giving thanks if the answer is how I wanted it to be. It gives me peace to pray that way.

  5. Carlene Meyer

    In my life, I have realized that “unanswered” prayer is just a demonstration of God’s perfect timing. Often time tells me why the answer of “no” was from His love for me. I have also started thanking God for His answer while I am praying for a situation instead of waiting for the answer I want to be thankful, Kind of like bringing an umbrella to a prayer meeting for rain. It gives me peace right away.

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