Shall I Proceed With This Blog?

Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017

I am profoundly thankful for my blog friends this  year.  And…I could use your help.

As of January 1, 2018 I will have retired from Cornerstone and I will have far more time to write.  Hence, I am considering a new blog thru which I can share a Biblical view of current events as I am led of the Lord.

BUT…perhaps I should simply continue to write on this site “” ….hmmmm…….

Here is how you could help me make this decision: if you have received this note and if you would be interested in receiving articles produced on please send me a quick note.  Nothing complicated.  Even just a simple “I’m interested!”

I’ll post a few articles as well in the days ahead and see if there is much interest.  OK?  Everyone is busy I know!  So…let me say in advance  “Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!”

Blessings! Pastor Alberta


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51 responses to “Shall I Proceed With This Blog?

  1. Joyce chaplin

    Sure I’m interested.

  2. Joe Cousineau

    I would love to read your biblical views of current events and also your current blog. Not much help, huh? I just enjoy your writing and away you to continue.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless your writing.

  3. Misty killian

    I enjoy your writings tremendously. Please dont stop.

  4. Karen Wolthuis

    I’m interested. Please continue.

  5. Pj sapienza

    I’m interested in reading whatever you write, wherever you do it. Congrats on retirement enjoy

  6. Ken Stoll

    Funny you wrote today, I visited your blog earlier this week and hadn’t lately. More posts from you would be a welcome sight. I am working many hours these days but would make time to read your blog Richard. I was also curious as to whether you and Donna were still at Cornerstone, the church has been so blessed to have you. You have been such a blessing to me as well. If you all get out the Arizona way (we are just west of Phoenix 30 miles) on any travel adventures please look us up, I’d love to introduce you to my wife Stacey and I’d love to see you. Continued blessings in Christ…

  7. Kyle Lamanen

    I’m interested, I love reading your blogs!

  8. Ken Stoll

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entite Alberta family!

  9. Happy thanksgiving pastor Alberta! Yes I am interested in continuing to receive your blog at I look forward to hearing your insights! Bryan

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  10. Marla Gasiorowski

    Yes, I’m interested.

  11. Lee

    Yes I would be interested. I find help in most of your postings and comfort. Plus much food for thought. I know I’m a sinner and I’m on a journey.

  12. Richard Swan

    I’m interested in receiving your blog.

  13. Bek Gari

    I’m very interested! Please continue to write and publish. Happy retirement!

    Thank you, Rebecca

  14. Sharon

    Hi. I am interested in hearing your analysis whether it is on this particular site or not. Suggest a Facebook page with same title as your blog. Then we could share easily.

  15. Paulette

    Hi Pastor,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I always enjoy your perspective on things. I’d be happy to read this blog or any other avenue you might use to publish your thoughts.:)
    See you soon,
    Paulette O.

  16. Lana Dudley

    I have enjoyed your writing….continue as you can.

  17. Dick and Linda Streetman

    I would look forward to receiving your articles from this site…thanks,Dick Streetman 

  18. Kathrine Sluyter


  19. Greg Yarmoluk

    I think “Shaking off the dust” is an apt description of writings on “a Biblical view of current events.”

  20. I would most definitely be interested! Thank you!

  21. Roger McLean

    Yes, I am interested.

  22. Blythe Bieber

    I’m in — whenever and wherever it may be!

  23. Mary DeRubeis

    I’m interested Happy Thanksgiving

  24. Beverly Points

    I too am interested. I will miss you and wish you and Donna many blessings in your new adventures.


    I’m interested.

    Sent from my iPhone


  26. Lindsay Abbott

    I would be interested.

  27. Jennifer Traub

    I am interested.

  28. Emmy

    I am interested.

  29. Sue Ellen Buyers

    Absolutely continue! Congratulations on your retirement!

  30. s popestarnes

    I’m interested! ________________________________

  31. Judy English

    I’m always interested in your profound insights!

  32. Chris Lubowicki

    Hi Pastor Alberta – yes, we are interested. Please continue!

  33. Jay/Beth Donaldson

    We are definitely interested. So glad you will be continuing to write and share your thoughts with us.

  34. Lois Davenport

    Yes, please continue. I love your insights!

  35. tammy Coffey

    I’m interested!

  36. Charlene McLean

    Yes, please continue!

  37. Penny Anderson

    Yes, Pastor Alberta I would love to receive articles you have written. Please continue to write.

    Thanks, Penny

  38. Chris Jarrell

    We’re interested, and always find your posts to inspire good discussions.

  39. Karen Jolley

    Yes, I’m interested.

  40. Shannon

    I’m interestef

  41. Sharon Cavell

    I am interested in seeing future blogs from you concerning current news topics from a Biblical perspective. God bless you and Donna in and through your retirement!

  42. Christine Robertson

    Please continue!

  43. Lee and Donna Oeffner

    Donna and I certainly would be interested in receiving anything and everything that you have to say.
    We were so sorry that we left for California for three months the very Sunday that was your “retirement” service but did get to watch it on the cornerstone site later.
    In the short time that Donna has been with me at Cornerstone she almost immediately became very impressed with the Church and especially with your preaching style and your captivating way of keeping everyone’s attention. She and I also enjoy pastor Tweedie and Pastor Hunt and the Primetimers weekly meeting.
    In spite of one area of difference of opinion I have to tell you that we both were very dismayed when we learned you were retiring.
    I think anyone would have a tough time replacing you in a Church the size of Cornerstone. There are a lot of older members like ourselves and realize that times are changing, but it is hard to adjust to the more contemporary music and preaching. I do hope the Church will continue to grow and flourish but I think a great many of us that are in our 70 or 80 plus age group will have to be gone and with the Lord for that to happen
    In the meantime we will be looking forward to seeing any of your books that you might be publishing in the future.
    We you smooth sailing and many well deserved years of enjoying traveling, writing or possibly being invited to preach occasionally somewhere in this great country.

  44. Ava Ford Markarian

    Just saw this … I’ve been following Shaking off the dust. Interested !!

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