Thank you to all who have encouraged me to continue with the blog. I think like a preacher who is always asking what God’s people need to hear or might find profitable to their spirits. So…since we are drowning in blogs and books and news sites…who needs another one unless it is edifying? Help me out please? What topics might we address that we could examine from a Biblical point of view?
For example, I’m currently working on an article about this incredible wave of sexual predation we are hearing about. How can this be? Etc. If any or all of you would suggest topics you’ve been “wondering about” that would be appreciated.
Disclaimer: whatever I write is my best attempt to Glorify the Lord Jesus and suggest insights thru the lenses of Scripture. I understand…I really do…that most things are debatable and I try not to suggest that my thoughts are inerrant. These are just my views that I present.
Anyway…what’s on your minds as Christians that I might explore with you from a theological/Common-Sense/Christ-Centered point of view? Please advise?
Blessings! Pastor Alberta



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7 responses to “TOPICS?

  1. Richard Swan

    Is modern science compatible with Christianity?

  2. Rachel

    I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on our screen focused society. It seems more interactions are through Facebook and social media that face to face and that we are losing some wonderful things due to this. Also, as a younge 30s mother, I see so much of my generation parenting out of fear. Fear of judgment, fear of tantrums, fear of scarring their children with disapline and even fear of teaching their children to hug grandma and grandpa hello due to their fear of “rape culture.” It would be nice to hear from you on these subjects in a blog.

  3. Pastor Alberta,

    Rhonda and I are so sorry we missed the celebration at Cornerstone. We are wishing you and Donna all the best as the next season of your lives unfolds.

    Regarding your blog – YES, keep it going! I have enjoyed your thoughtful remarks on every topic in the blog and have shared them with others. I do have a topic that seems pertinent to the times we live in. That would be the lack of grace we see all around us towards Christians and the institutions God ordained for man. It is certainly present in the press, in the political sphere, our universities and among individuals. I see quick judgments that attribute hatred as the motivation to the Christian’s stand on any number of social issues. Often “side-taking” by both views cripple any dialog we could have. I am not surprised by this, but perhaps some advice to all of us when dealing with “gracelessness” (is that even a word?) that might help us.

    Hope what I just said makes some sense.

    Blessing to you and hope to see more of your thoughts.

    Ron Kelley 502-205-0014

    Ron Kelley

  4. Chris Jarrell

    Predestination and a loving God

  5. Karen Jolley

    History of reformed theology. Anything historical.

    More on living as aliens and “being a bad fit” in this world – practical suggestions

    I’ll think of more….:)

  6. Diane

    If you have the desire or inclination, Pastor Alberta, I’d love to hear of your thoughts on Freemasons/Eastern Star and the differences between it and the God of the Scriptures. If something encourages a belief that all religions worship the same God, encourages a belief that all written books from various religions are equal, and doesn’t acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Only Way, Truth and Life, is it not a cult?

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