“Who Are The Real Racists? Perhaps Your Very Compassionate and Liberal Next Door Neighbor…”

In October of 1981, Mildred Jefferson stood at the lectern in the chapel at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.  For over an hour, she held an audience of seminarians, professors, press and visitors spell bound.  Why?  Mildred Jefferson was the President of the Massachusetts Right-To-Life Society.  She was also a highly regarded surgeon at the Children’s Hospital and a teaching Professor at several top notch medical schools in Boston.  A committed Catholic Christian, Dr. Jefferson was also black.

Her topic was racism.  Her analysis was far deeper than the facile certainties offered up today by those who assume the moral high ground on talk shows and in the tidal wave of progressive journals.  Who insist that they are the compassionate vestige who have no use for presidents and policies that even suggest that some people ought not to be admitted to the United States.  So certain of their views and  without ever pausing  to examine the boards in their own eyes, they condemn as racist anything said or done that does not fit their certain  narratives.

So often these are the same people about whom Dr. Jefferson lamented.  They can go on at length about refuges and DOCA (legitimate  concerns) but be totally supportive of ripping the arms off of unborn babies…or burning off their skin.  If those techniques do not work, the babies skulls are crushed.  Yet, we must hear moral lectures from House and Senate members  and Governors about who should fear the “Wrath of God.”

Dr. Jefferson said those who do not find abortion abhorrent (JFK’s description) are simply industrial strength racists .  She argued that the ultimate form of racism, deliberate marginalization and destruction of individuals or groups…was and always will be the genocide that takes place in the womb.  And which people group are the most victimized by this ongoing holocaust?  Blacks.

She saw abortion without any justification as the ultimate tool in the hands of a society that is racist.  She would find today’s liberal politicians unthinkably hubristic and hopelessly confused.  To worry about the well-being of the snail darter off of Cape Cod or what might became of the sub-Saharan Desert in the next century is morally delusional as we kill unborn children.  From her words, I infer that she would be puzzled by politicians who worry that  some refugees might suffer as the nation seeks to tighten its immigration laws. She would see those “defenders” of virtue who deprecate  an imperfect executive who will re-shape the courts that allow all of this killing…she would see them as the real racists.  Dr. Jefferson saw abortion on demand as the ultimate tool to rid America of all of its unwanted.  People of all colors and from all countries.  She would cringe when Hillary Clinton gladly  accepted the Margaret Sanger Award.  Indeed, Mrs. Sanger who said “We must rid the world of misfits, morons and the maladjusted” (“The Pivot of Civilization.”)

I thought of Dr. Jefferson recently when reading the data that show black women in America are five times more likely to terminate a pregnancy than white women.  An article in The Atlantic, (Sept. 22, 2014) was titled “America’s Racial Gap.”  That well-meaning liberal friend of yours and mine who insists that we must have abortion on demand as an element in “Women’s Health Care?”  I wonder if he or she  will ever admit that they desire such health care for all women…unless they are tiny women in the womb.  And do they know that tiny black women in the womb are the most vulnerable?  Perhaps, for some of them,  not all but for some of them…racism explains why their compassion does not seem to extend quite that far.


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6 responses to ““Who Are The Real Racists? Perhaps Your Very Compassionate and Liberal Next Door Neighbor…”

  1. James Stover

    Keep preaching

  2. Excellent, thoughtful and detailed message that needs to be read and shared in a community that is too readily accepting of shallow thinking regarding substantial issues.

  3. Evelyn

    25 years ago when I was a student at Schoolcraft College I wrote a very similar paper. My professor was a well educated black woman and she appreciated my sharing the percentage of black/white abortion ratio in my persuasive speech. Its staggering how many black babies are aborted….

  4. Mark Edward Bumann

    Amen and again I say, Amen!
    We must continue steadfast in prayer and ready always to argue for the sanctity of life and if each of us can influence, by the power of the Holy Spirit, just one person this year, to rethink their position on ‘choice’, we will be well on our way to savings millions of innocent lives and maybe, just maybe, stay the deserved judgement of the The Almighty Hand of God upon this nation. Thank you Pastor.

  5. Paulette

    This is excellent! I’m truly thankful that you blog, Pastor!:)

  6. Ronald Kelley

    Well said Pastor – darkened thinking always produces darkened conclusions. Thank you for a thoughtful and clear perspective.

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