My Apologies


My recent article “”The Gospel According to The View” was published in difficult hard-to-read unparagraphed capital letters.  I’m trying to understand how that happened and I hope you will find it tolerable.

Will also attempt to avoid whatever protocol I used resulting in that format.  🙂

Blessings!  RJA


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3 responses to “My Apologies

  1. Ron Priebe

    Hmmm. I read the whole post and didn’t even notice. Content truly is king.

  2. Phyllis Pedde

    Mine came through fine….Enjoy reading your posts! We miss you..just hope you are enjoying your retirement! Blessings, Phyllis Pedde

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  3. Sandra

    Glad for the error as it triggered an email. I wasn’t aware you continued the blog. Happy to find your writing. I appreciate your insights. I will check it more frequently.

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