Science, God, Glaciers and the Grand Canyon April 3, 2018

Two weeks ago, I stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon with our son JJ and his wife Kristi….their kids and my Donna…and some other folks.   I’m not excited enough to hike the canyon.  Looking at it is pretty amazing  though.  So, I thought out loud and simply said “Geezzzz….look what God did!”  Someone in the group said “I think it was glaciers!”  Then I said…”Oh for sure. It was. But…who made the glaciers?”   I heard someone say “Well…yeah.”

That, of course, is the issue that troubles so many people.  If science can explain what happened and is still happening…who needs God?   It’s really quite a puzzling way to look at things.  So many unbelievers think because they can study the means that brought about phenomena that there need not be someone BEHIND those means.

Consider this.  Would anyone look at a fine house under construction and argue that the carpenters just went to that address and started building?  Who sent them?  Was there not an architect?  A planner?  There must always be a “causal agent” …things in life really don’t just happen.  Yet, a bright unbelieving woman whom I know asked me awhile back “Well, hasn’t science explained how everything happened thus eliminating  the need for God?”  I said “Only if your beautiful house was strictly the work of carpenters and electricians and painters etc.  Did you not design it?  The means used could never eliminate the need for a designer and initiator of a project.”

Actually, science  is proving the undoubted existence of God.  Religion and science are in conflict only in the minds of those who refuse to believe.  They do not analyze sensibly.  Everything points towards design.  For a marvelous and clear video in this regard, I suggest “The Privileged Planet” which includes interviews with two eminent scientists, Guillermo Gonzales and Jay Richards.  It makes the point clearly that the cosmos is so remarkably fine tuned  that it could only be the result of design.  A great film that came out recently is “The Case for Christ.”  It includes a great deal of fascinating science.

In addition, there are many books that wrestle with the science and religion issue.  One of the best that I’ve read is titled “Coming to Peace with Science…Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology.”  It was written by Darrell Falk, a Christian Professor of Biology in California.

Yet, even with many resources available to help the skeptic see the overwhelming evidence for God, many people in the sciences simply dismiss the obvious.  So…why DO unbelievers, in the science community and elsewhere,  refuse to accept the plain truth that God must exist?

They do not want to know God.  The natural person lost in sin does not want a relationship with God.  The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans One that man knows there is a God but he does not want to live under His Lordship.  As  John said: “And this is the verdict; light has come into the world but the people loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil.” John 4:19.

Thus, all the evidence in the world will fall on deaf ears unless the Holy Spirit opens the heart of the unbeliever.

Finally, I must say again that I think some Christians in the “Young Earth” community  have actually made it harder for scientific people to consider the Gospel.  Why?  Because they insist that the Earth is only a few thousand years old thereby dismissing modern science wholesale.  The “Young Earth” view is a product of minority science.  Advanced scientists who hold to a young earth position are far less than one per cent.  I once asked the head of a Christian Society of Scientists how many young earth members he had out of 600.  The answer was zero.

I think insisting on a young earth position is also rooted in bad Biblical interpretation (hermeneutics) and a hyper-literal reading of the Genesis days.  I may be wrong on this point but such a rigid position is, in my view, a mis-handling of the text.  But sadly, many skeptics think all Christians are science deniers and therefore they don’t even consider the Gospel itself.  I urge any of my readers, if you hold to a young earth position,  please allow for other views and  do not suggest that those who think otherwise do not consider the Bible the Word of God.

Anyway, I’d say to the scientific skeptic “Sure!  Glaciers? Really! Apparently, that’s what happened!  But…who made the glaciers?”

Blessings!  Pastor Alberta



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9 responses to “Science, God, Glaciers and the Grand Canyon April 3, 2018

  1. James Starnes

    Thank you! God Bless.

  2. Richard Swan

    Pastor Alberta,
    I would agree with you that there is little scientific evidence to support the validity of a young earth hypothesis. The perponderence of evidence suggests just the opposite. As a student of science and a former teacher of biology and earth science, I definitely believe that our Creator designed and set into motion the physical forces and energy that formed our universe. On Earth today we see the geological forces that formed the Grand Canyon, namely erosion of a plateau by the Colorado River, and the effects of weathering by wind and precipitation, still at work to shape the earth’s crust into various geological features. God continues to create changes on the earth by means of the natural forces and processes he designed and set into motion billions of years ago. By the way, visiting the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list. Glad to see you and Donna are enjoying your time with your family. Thanks for the suggested references. I have read The Case For Christ but haven’t seen the film yet.

  3. Thank you Pastor Alberta. I enjoy you blog, and look forward to each installment.

  4. Jay/Beth Donaldson

    Another thought provoking blog, Dr. Alberta! One recent resource you didn’t mention is the movie “Is Genesis History”.We saw it In the theater but understand it can be found on Netflicks. One of the most interesting parts is when the scientists speak about the Grand Canyon, a key area that addresses the Young Earth Theory. In any case, lots to process and think about but we are happy to leave it in the Lord’s hands and know we will learn the truth at a later date, hopefully!:) Jay/ Beth Donaldson

  5. Hi, Pr. Alberta,
    Having been to the Grand Canyon a few times, I can certainly resonate with your observation of what a wonder God hath wrought! Found your article right on, until I got to the Young Earth discussion.
    All of our knowledge and beliefs are a result of what we have read/heard and the who was the source. Different sources can convince us of quite different “facts”. I have been exposed to some quite reliable scientific sources that strongly support the Young Earth view.
    I am interested in learning more, so could you confirm your source of understanding? Is your referenced “Christian Society of Scientists” perhaps the “Christian Scientific Society”? Or another group? Other reliable sources you have explored?
    Glad to see you are continuing to share perspectives in your blog, especially since we are no longer enjoying your teachings from the pulpit.
    Blessings, Bill Garrett

  6. Marilyn N

    So good to have you back at the helm, hope you and Donna had a wonderful, refreshing visit with your son and his family! The Grand Canyon surely is a mighty display of God’s creative handiwork, the glaciers being His tools! I agree with you, The Privileged Planet is an excellent scientific presentation of the Earth’s role in God’s creation of the cosmos. And, your thoughts on Christians disputing the age of the earth are wise counsel — it’s certainly not a non-negotiable! Thank you, Pastor Alberta, for this thoughtful blog!

  7. Tom

    Thank you for the insight. It’s important to remember that the Bible doesn’t teach the earth is young. That is an interpretation based indirectly on how one reads the genealogies and other language used. Interpretations are not infallible and therefore should be held with at least some modesty. Both sides should give each other respect and room to debate. For example sometimes I hear that if you believe the earth is old, you believe in Neo Darwinian evolution or you don’t believe the Bible is infallible. That simply doesn’t follow.

  8. Carlene Meyer

    I am on the young earth side but have no problem with those who are on the old earth side. There are valid points on both sides and it isn’t a salvation issue in my opinion, so who cares. There is a good young earth documentary film I saw called “Is Genesis History?” that you may find interesting.

    Glad you are enjoying your retirement!

  9. Linda

    Please read this article with an opposing view by Creation Ministries – educated Bible scholars who study the issue:

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