Help Please? :)

Monday July 30   8 pm

Blog Friends,

I have a small brain and could use your help with something.  How exactly does a new reader sign up to receive notifications when a new article is posted?  I never did  that because I’m the writer.  But I am somehow looking past the button or tab to do so.  Anyone?

AND:  my email address is

Some of you have tried to reach me at but that address broke down awhile ago…and I sent it to email purgatory forever.  SO…please use the Gmail address.

OK?  Thanks and Blessings!  Pastor Alberta


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2 responses to “Help Please? :)

  1. Mike Lurvey

    Under follow blog enter your email address and press Follow.

  2. Hi Pastor Alberta, I love your blogs! I can tell you how this worked for me. I found you on WordPress. I clicked follow on the right side of the page. Then I typed my email address into the box above the follow button. I added you to my safe list so you would not end up in my junk mail. Your blog now comes to me in my email without any additional effort on my part. I can simply read it! If someone wants to share it, that too takes just a bit of effort: Click the share button, then click on those you would like to share it with and then press send. On a side note, you may want to ask your readers to follow and share, in order for others to know about your blog.
    I hope all is well with you and your family. I am currently teaching women’s Bible study at our church. Tomorrow we begin a study on The Holy Spirit, I am excited to see how this will change lives and how we serve! Since moving we struggled a bit to find a church. We are now at Grace, in Zeeland, MI (our son is the Pastor) such a Praise to God for us to be able to sit under sound Biblical teaching and to actively serve beside family and new friends. God is good always! Cathy

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