A few “Housekeeping Items”

Friday August 3, 2018

Blog Friends,

Hello. Please note:

1. Friday’s article “Poor in Spirit” was not properly edited. Sorry. A corrected version is now on the site, if you prefer to read it in that form.

2. I will not be posting articles for the Sermon on the Mount on the weekends. So…daily is actually five days a week.  Weekends get complicated for all of us. And if you missed any of them you can catch up. 

3. I welcome interaction on these subjects. Some people are more comfortable asking questions and offering thoughts by writing to me directly instead of commenting on the blog site. My email address is: rjalberta@gmail.com

So…if your comments might be helpful to the group I will share them leaving off your last name. OK? That should work.

4. Thanks for joining in! God be praised! Pastor Alberta

PS:  Hope you don’t mind hearing from me twice today!  Blessings!

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One response to “A few “Housekeeping Items”

  1. Mary

    I don’t mind hearing from you twice. I am more likely to keep up at the five days a week pace. Thank you!

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