Small Group This Fall: Studies in the Book of Psalms

Thursday September 6…3 pm

Hi Blog Friends,

If you are interested, Donna and I will be leading a small group for ten weeks this fall. It will begin on Weds. Sept. 30 and conclude on Weds. Dec. 15.  Our meetings will be at CORNERSTONE and begin at 6.45 (or so) 🙂 and conclude at 8.15.  Some of you have asked me about this group study.  Cornerstone is located at 9455 Hilton Rd. in Brighton, MI.

Those attending will need to bring their Bible and a notebook.  We will spend time in fellowship and prayer and then look at a number of Psalms seeking to apply them to our walk with the Lord Jesus.

IMPORTANT:  Sign up for this group will begin on the Cornerstone website on Sunday Sept. 9. THERE WILL BE ROOM FOR A MAXIMUM OF TWENTY PEOPLE.  So…if you’re joining us please check the website early on  Sept. 9.  ALSO:  There will be many other small group offerings and you may be more interested in being a part of one of them.  Our Psalms Study is by no means your only opportunity.

This invitation is open to all even if you have never attended Cornerstone.  Have a look!  Thanks for your time! Blessings!

Pastor Alberta



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2 responses to “Small Group This Fall: Studies in the Book of Psalms

  1. Wally Schram

    Please sign up Sue and me for your study of Psalms!

    Thank you.

    Wally & Sue Schram (not to confuse you with the Green’s)

  2. Scott Cherry

    Excellent exposition, Richard!

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