Coming Down From the Mountainside

Friday October 12, 2018

Blog Friends,

Well, we’ve done it!  We’ve sat on the mountainside with the Lord Jesus for 44 days!  Now … what?  I’ve enjoyed interacting with all of you as we listened and thought about what Jesus was saying to us.

At this moment, I’m not sure if we should press on and consider more of our Lord’s marvelous teachings.  I need to give this some thought and prayer as I am also contemplating some other commitments.  But … what are your thoughts?  I’d really like to hear from many of you.  Should we consider another set of truths from our Lord?  If we do, would you be agreeable if they were not daily but frequently?  Do you have any  suggestions as to what we might study?

I’m always glad to hear from you.  This has been fun and challenging with over 300 readers.  And I learned much from my blog friends. So … think about it and share your ideas with me.  OK?

Blessings!  Pastor Alberta


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14 responses to “Coming Down From the Mountainside

  1. David Buckenberger

    Pastor Alberta,

    I’ve been “enjoying” and growing daily from the blog. It is a great supplement/addition to some of the pod casts I listen to, along with daily bible readings from our church’s (SOTL) Portals of Prayer. A few times a week would be useful to me as well, but I would miss the blog if it went away completely.


    Dave Buckenberger


  2. Bob Clark

    Pastor – please continue with the blog. Your messages have been clear and rooted deeply in scriptural truth, and your insights into application of those truths is greatly appreciated. I am not sure what to suggest, but a look at some of the Kingdom Parables with your gift for application would be interesting.

  3. Kelly Sanborn

    I enjoyed these blogs so much. I realize it must be a big time commitment. Even weekly posts would be wonderful, but I’ll take whatever I can get!!
    Thank you – Blessings

  4. Scott Lindberg

    I have been blessed by the scriptures and reading your blogs. Whatever works within your commitments would be wonderful.

  5. SueByrum

    Yes, please continue. I enjoy your enlightening messages. Frequently is fine. Whatever works for your schedule.

  6. phil eoll

    yes, i believe you need to continue feeding us with God’s word, This past 44 days a great blessing but more then that we are growing in our love of God’s word an love for Christ .Personnaly love each day waking up an reading what God has shared with you for us.

  7. Sue Buyers

    I hope you will continue – as often as you are willing.

    Sue >

  8. Mary Henriksen

    I realize you have other commitments, Pastor, but I would so miss reading your blog whatever and whenever you are able to write it. Know that you are blessing all of us who are reading and pondering over it. Thank you for all of your time and energy in putting it together. Blessings to you!

  9. I’m open to anything you’d care to write Pastor Alberta. God Bless

  10. Hi, Pr. Alberta,
    I have enjoyed your daily teachings, but understand the heavy time commitment they represent. I would really look forward to a weekly teaching that works carefully and thoughtfully through Revelation. It has been over 30 yrs since I have been exposed to a good teaching on that complicated book,, and there is MUCH of significance that I would love to refresh in my mind.
    Blessings … Bill

  11. Ron Priebe

    Pastor, When you retired we felt a tremendous loss. Coming to Christ late in in life, you were our first and enduring Biblical teacher for over 20 years. Who could possibly replace you? And then you brought your direct approach to teaching coupled with your wry sense of wit back to us in the form of your blog. Please continue to reach out to all of us, even if at a slower pace than your daily teaching. Have you considered a vlog as an alternative way to reach out?

  12. Donna Forbes

    Another set of truths from our Lord would be great (any frequency)! Your amazing blog “Sixty Million Accusers Before the Throne of God” will be shared with many. Thank you so much Pastor Alberta..

  13. Tom and mary DeRubeis

    Love reading your teachings. I read when I get up or before bed. Frequently would work out good since I get busy and get behind then read multiple to catch up.

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