“Grasping the Gospel” (In an age of “Discount Discipleship”)

Monday October 22, 2018

Hello Blog Friends,

I am considering a new shakingoffthedust.com series called “Grasping the Gospel” … it would be a frequent offering in writing on this blog site designed to examined what being a Christian REALLY IS.  What genuine discipleship requires of us. Not to get saved, but because we are saved.  Put another way, is the Gospel being presented the way Jesus presented it?

Put yet another way … did we read the spiritual “fine print” when we came to jesus?  Is it overlooked?  Would Paul and the other Biblical writers recognize what is being  preached in our church growth-driven culture?  Is it what they called for?

Anyway … your thoughts on this new study?  If you are “in” or interested … please advise.  Right or wrong, my motivation levels increase when I am certain that someone is finding my articles profitable.  So … that’s a little neurotic …:) … but I’d like to hear from you.  Even a simple “Thumbs Up!” would do.  I’d start this week.

In any case, God be praised and Blessings!

Peace. Pastor Alberta



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57 responses to ““Grasping the Gospel” (In an age of “Discount Discipleship”)

  1. Phyllis Pedde

    yes..sounds interesting…Go for it!!

  2. Carl Wades

    Sounds great.

  3. blythebieber

    I’m in — keep them coming! 🙂

  4. Bob Clark

    Great idea. We are exposed to a lot of easy believe stuff and not the spiritual challenge we need day in and day out. The focus on growth and leads many to look for consumer and marketing notions not the truth of scripture. Churches try to make the Gospel somehow relevant to young people rather than teaching all of us to seek Christ regardless of age and circumstance.

  5. Shirley Hendricks

    Always appreciate your blogs. Go for it!



  7. Kathy Lindbeck


  8. Lorene Mollenhour


  9. Mark Edward Bumann

    I’m in!

  10. Jeanne Mantey

    I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog postings. Keep them coming!

  11. Linda Kofahl


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  12. Mary Henriksen

    Sounds great to me, Pastor. Thank you.

  13. Larry Meyer

    Hi Pastor Alberta:
    I enjoyed reading your last series and would enjoy your next. What ever God leads you to write.

    Larry Meyer

  14. Lois Davenport

    Sounds great! I love reading your blogs.

  15. David Schoewe

    Yes, “thumbs up” – we will look forward to your new series.
    Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Charlene McLean

    Yes, please. I enjoy your blogs.

  17. steve lamanen

    Sounds good.

  18. SueByrum

    Yes please! Two thumbs up!


    Pastor, I’m in for good reading and neuron growth. Please share your thoughts. My concern is personal growth, truth. I see the truth watered down to the point where anything goes now of days. Keep up the desire to keep sharing and teaching.

    Dan Olds

  20. Eric (Howard) Ulin

    Sounds GOOD to me. Let’s see where this takes us. As always, proof texts are important. What are the measurements? How do I measure up? What can I do to improve?

  21. Jerry Amey

    I am sure I can benefit from this. Thumbs up.

  22. phil eoll

    Yes, Amen

  23. You’ve got my attention. Going back to original intent is a passion of mine. 😁

  24. Sounds worthwhile and interesting to me. Go for it!

  25. tammy Coffey

    Please and thank you 😊

  26. Betsy Ormsbee

    I am interested in this series.

  27. Chris Jarrell

    I’d be interested, thanks.

  28. Judy English

    Yes. Do it!

  29. Warner

    I am definitely interested. I have gone back several times to reread Matthew 5,6&7 since we finished.

  30. Dixie Frazer

    I’m in!! First I would like to thank you for your study in Matthew, I truly enjoyed sitting on the mountain side with you and studying God’s word. You have a way of teaching that speaks to my heart. Looking forward to seeing “shaking off the dust” in my in box and so happy you decided to start another study!👍👍

  31. Thomas Mc Donald

    Thumbs up

  32. Richard Swan

    Hi  Pastor Alberta,     I enjoyed the “Sermon On The Mount” series and would like to be included in your new study as well. Richard

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  33. I would love to read your new blog Pastor Alberta. I find that reading your writings helps to keep me on the path during the week.

  34. Sue Ellen

    I would very much enjoy this study! I hope you continue.

  35. Carrie

    Always love hearing from you🙂I’m in

  36. Scott Lindberg

    I am in!

  37. Karen Wolthuis


  38. Joyce Priebe

    Never miss your blog. Keep them coming. You’ll always be my pastor.

  39. Mark Olson



  40. Jamesrstarnes@hotmail.com

    Thumbs up

  41. Kevin Alder

    I have reason been blessed by your teaching and really would love to see what God places on your heart in this new series.

  42. Rebecca Gary

    Not neurotic at all. I’m in!

  43. Richard Ehart

    Go for it Pastor Alberta. If you’re going where I think you are be prepared to take some flak.

    Bonhoffer said “When Christ calls a man He bids him come and die”. That quote has resonated with me for decades.

    There are far to many cultural Christians sitting in our pews who have never grasped what their Lord has called them to.

    I’ll look forward to what you have to say.

    Captured by His absolutely amazing Grace,

    Dick Ehart

    On Mon, Oct 22, 2018, 4:26 PM http://www.shakingoffthedust.com wrote:

    > Dr. Richard J. Alberta posted: “Monday October 22, 2018 Hello Blog > Friends, I am considering a new shakingoffthedust.com series called > “Grasping the Gospel” … it would be a frequent offering in writing on this > blog site designed to examined what being a Christian REALLY IS. What > genuin” >

  44. Marilyn N

    Yes, please!! LOVE your blog messages, we are so blessed by your continued ministry! It’s good to be reminded of what it means to be a ‘Christian’ in a post-Christian culture.

  45. Brad Salter

    All in Brother. I see the first has been posted, good content and thought provoking. Thank You.
    In His Grip

  46. Yes, I’ve read and appreciated every blog post you did on the Sermon on the Mount, so I intend to read what you have to say on discipleship in contemporary American churches. I’ve found your writing refreshing and relevant. Thank you for eulogizing Ken Mollenhour.

  47. Sandra

    Looking forward to your blogs!

  48. Nestor bravo

    👍 your teaching is a blessing.. thank you

  49. David Saunders

    I was born early in 1946.

    That was 9 months following the end of the war in Europe and 7 months following the use of atomic weapons in Japan.

    My infant ears burned with the world-wide outrage and resolve for the lives lost through the Holocaust and the use of atomic weapons.

    Nations stood shoulder to shoulder in resolving that never, ever again would such atrocities be tolerated.

    Yet consider the combined tally of deaths due to the Holocaust and the two bombings in Japan.

    Please forgive me, but those combined deaths are trivial when compared to the 60 million babies we have slaughtered through abortion.

    We talk about them; we read about them; we pray about them; yet nothing seems to change.

    Please consider this very short audio clip on the web

    Each BB represents 10,000 deaths in each of our wars.

    How can we possibly stand silent after hearing such a graphic representation of our continuing war on the unborn?

    Christian or not, where are our consciences? Our shame? Our Remorse?

    Shall we remain silent? Shall we grieve for another 60 million?

    We the people — all of us — every one of us — must resolve now to join forces to 1) prevent unwanted pregnancies and 2) provide loving care for unwanted new borns.

    Blessings to all,

    A member of Pastor Alberta’s congregation.

  50. Thank you for taking time to write your blog Pastor Alberta. It is indeed a blessing.

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