“The Governor and the She-Camel” Celebrating the Unthinkable in New York

January 24, 2019

Jeremiah 2:23-25 (NIV) “How can you say, ‘I am not defiled; I have not run after the Baals’? See how you behaved in the valley; consider what you have done. You are a swift she-camel running here and there, a wild donkey accustomed to the desert, sniffing the wind in her craving– in her heat who can restrain her? Any males that pursue her need not tire themselves; at mating time they will find her. Do not run until your feet are bare and your throat is dry. But you said, ‘It’s no use! I love foreign gods, and I must go after them.’”

Somewhere around 600 BC, the prophet Jeremiah spoke for God in condemning Judah and Israel. The language that the Lord placed in his heart was nothing less than “earthy” and almost vulgar. In God’s mind, His people were unfaithful. He described their infidelity as sexual impurity … running after endless passion. The godless people were likened to a she-camel chasing about unrestrained and INSATIABLE in her desires for more. The hyper charged up female donkey could not help herself. She was like Godless people racing after idols and wallowing in sin, she cried out “I love foreign gods, I must go after them!”

That reminds me of the militant pro-choice people in our land. It’s not just that they defy the Word of God and encourage the killing of the unborn. This week, Governor Cuomo actually bragged about New York’s latest law allowing virtually for unborn murder right up to birth. Like the she-camel panting for more, he can’t help himself! He said:

“Today we are taking a giant step forward in the hard-fought battle to ensure a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own personal health, including the ability to access an abortion. With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body…”

Perhaps someone could inform the governor that unless a pregnant woman has been raped she already has control over her own body. But she is a she-camel seduced by the society into thinking that no-consequences sexual intimacy is her Constitutional right.

What really angered me was Mr. Cuomo’s bragging about his latest life-ending trophy. Like the she-camel, he is a pro-choicer who cannot get enough. He does not care that everyone else is observing that science is making hash of his arguments. Making it easier to kill a child at six months or even nine is so obviously wicked that it suggests demonic influence upon the man’s thinking. He actually boasted about his state’s new law. Once again, we find the words of Jeremiah to be profound when he described the sins of those who had abandoned God:

Jeremiah 6:15 (NIV) “Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them,” says the LORD.

Ironically, it was Mr. Cuomo’s father in the nineteen eighties who presented his equally darkened and incoherent argument about abortion. Speaking at Notre Dame, he said he was “personally” against abortion but who was he to force his views on other people? Right. I’m against murder but as a legislator I cannot demand that everyone share my view. Amazing how silly a well-trained lawyer can sound. I mean really…their thirst for blood and destruction is analogous to the she-camel in heat. They are in a heat for death.

Processing all of this has shown me again just how much anger I can feel at this holocaust in the womb. Actually. I will admit to the edge of  hatred. I know it. I have wondered over the years about what to do with this verse:

Psalm 139:21-22 (NIV) Do I not hate those who hate you, O LORD, and abhor those who rise up against you? I have nothing but hatred for them; I count them my enemies.

I know. I know. Please do not remind me that Christians are not supposed to hate. And we are to love our enemies. But I am a genuine born-again Christian with the Holy Spirit inside of me … yet I find myself struggling not to hate those who hate God and do such evil.

Some will say “Hate the sin and not the sinner.” Ok. I’ll try. I am a forgiving man but right now I’m furious at the shameless and demonic evil in New York and embarrassed for the soul of a Governor who has sold it … his soul … to Satan for votes.

I used to live in New York and I like New York. But right now if someone gave me a beautiful house in that state I’d sell it immediately rather than put a dime into their treasury.

Sin is all around us and we are living in a land where child-murderers go about sniffing and snorting like she-camels looking to kill more innocents and eager to add to the weight of their coming judgment. It is discouraging. But keep in mind…

1 Timothy 5:24 (NIV) The sins of some men are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them; the sins of others trail behind them.

Dia. He knows.

Grief and Blessings! Pastor Alberta


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18 responses to ““The Governor and the She-Camel” Celebrating the Unthinkable in New York

  1. Linda Holmes

    I agree 100% with you and have even been saying The same about I almost hate these people for the murdering of these babies. To celebrate this is so horrible…. I believe they have been turned over to a reprobate mind, all that is going on in our country is demonic influence and as Christian I do pray for our country and our leaders but I believe We’ve crossed a line in the sin that is occurring …. May God have mercy on us.

  2. Cynthia Scholes

    Thank you for sharing this Pastor Alberta! So powerful. When I think that it can’t get any worse, it does. Blessings to you.

  3. Steve Lamanen

    The Bible says of our Creator, “In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being” (Job 12:10). God, the giver of life, commands us not to take the life of an innocent person: “Do not shed innocent blood” (Jeremiah 7:6), and He warns us, “Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person” (Deuteronomy 27:25). The Sixth Commandment, written in stone by the finger of God, commands, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13).
    Thank you for everything you do Pastor Alberta.

  4. Kelly Sanborn

    This week was heart breaking and I find it difficult to understand how others can not see the wickedness!

  5. Marilyn B Niemczak

    I join you, Pastor Alberta, in the struggle to love those who would commit such horrific acts as abortion, preying on the fears and vulnerability of women, and casting judgement on the unborn. That there are actually people who are appalled at the wickedness of man in the case of war-crimes (which is wicked indeed!), yet find it acceptable to ambush innocent fetuses, imposing torture that eventually kills, is beyond logic. And conscience. I believe only an unregenerate heart could conceivably defend this act of war on the unborn! May God have mercy on our land!

  6. Sue Ellen

    I, too, feel this same rage. What a horrible thing to have on your conscience!

  7. Kevin Alder

    I struggle with the same feeling for those so against God. AS Paul said when he talked about doing what he does not want to do….My flesh self hates the wickedness and my spiritual self fights against the flesh self in hating those who hate the Lord.

  8. Carlene Meyer

    I feel that what happened in New York is a great leap into evil, not just the slow slide we have been on now. Should we release Kermitt Gosnell now because he is in prison doing just what became legal in New York? The movie made of his life was about his “house of horrors”. I’m too old to understand all this I think.

    Blessings to you for responding to this!

  9. Irene Taylor

    Amen and Amen!

  10. susan flaherty

    My Sister shared this with me because she and I had a conversation about this new law…I must say I join you in your confession to feeling hate for the ones who commit this abomination. I do not feel hate easily and in fact ….it seems to be almost absent in my nature. And yet I found myself wanting to rip to pieces those who do this to sweet innocent babies. Something is badly amiss in our world…but no one ever said that Revelations would be easy. This week I felt that we could not stoop any lower as a race. At the same time I see what I consider to be miracles unfolding. Miracles I have prayed for since 1965 when as a 13 year old I asked God to help a failing world and heard him answer that it would be saved because of Jesus and others like me who would join him in loving everyone unconditionally. I will keep the faith and my promise to love all though I will have to lean on God once again to help me find love for even these sinners. For the first time in my long life I have doubts…. but I will persevere and I know you will too. Blessings to you and your congregation. Sincerely yours Susan Ford Flaherty

  11. Mark D Jolley

    Good morning Richard, I just read your well-written and blog. It is very ironic, because since I heard about the what’s happening in New York I have wanted to reach out to you and get your thoughts on how to reconcile David’s imprecatory psalms (eg. Ps 109) with other concepts like praying for those who persecute us. I’ve been really thinking a lot about this and I just don’t see why we should disregard the Psalms. We believe that all of the Bible is inspired and truly God’s word. Paul says in 2 Tim 3:16 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness…” I just want to pray for the removal from office of these ungodly legislators even if removal means their personal destruction to the point of death. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Your friend in Christ,

  12. Vickie Cotton

    AMEN! You explained exactly how I feel. What a disgrace. Blessings to you Pastor Alberta.


    Pastor, I could not agree with you more. Kari and I were shocked when we heard Governor Cuomo and the crowd around him celebrating the passage of the latest disgusting law on Abortion rights. However, I must admit not surprised. Sadly, this country has and is descending into a very dark place. From all our established cherished political institutions, to private businesses, and churches we have lost and losing all what remains of the Republic and moral norms. I see this country and the world as a whole sliding more and more into Sodom and Gamora like citizens.
    Yes, it is not easy to not hate the sinner and the way they are forcing an immoral norm on society but I just need to look at myself. God has saved Me and so i must pray for a sinner like Governor Cuomo. It is getting harder to pray for the lost but we must.

    I have a question for you. What is wrong with me, you and the Christian body? I say this because I have this nagging feeling we are not doing enough. Yes, the body marches for the right for life, give to the poor and write articles opposing societal norms that go against biblical teachings but do you think we do enough? I don’t and I don’t know why. (Again this is mostly directed to me first) How could we as a people for so many decades allow the norms of today take the place the solid biblical norms of millennia. I raise this because I wrestle with this to the point of almost not caring. The bible tells us what the outcome is going to be so why fight it. Yet, I know society is only getting worse and my spirt is troubled. I sometimes wonder if the body has become so comfortable with our way of life it is easier to watch the societal slide into decay then to forcefully stick our necks out and fight against it. I guess what I am saying is being maligned and persecuted is not appealing yet I know it was we are supposed to experience if we are doing the will of God.

    When I witnessed the destruction of the character of Justice Kavenough and what others will do to people just for having a biblical word view is freighting. Maybe that is why the church holds back. You cited in your post how Notre Dame caved and I see this all to often and I don’t like it. Ok I’m rambling and guess I’m looking for direction what I see is happening to society and encouragement on how to deal with it.

    What do you think?

  14. Judy Stover

    Thank you for addressing this very disturbing and heart breaking decsion by the Governor.
    I too struggle with hatred towards him and those that support him. It is unbelievable!

  15. Mary Henriksen

    I was shocked and grieved at the passage of Governor Cuomo’s latest bill. As the mother of two wonderful and precious adopted children, I just do not understand this whole issue. So very heartbreaking!

  16. Wally Schram

    I am thinking about the Christians living in NY and the embarrassment they must feel at having the Evil one controlling their governor. I know today February 7, 2019 is the day we should be concerned about human-trafficking and people suffering in slavery. How much worse is it to have No chance at survival and to be killed not only in the womb but in New York even after they took their “first breath!” I am Sickened!! Thank you Pastor for stating the overwhelming disaster in this nation. Is 911 at the Twin Towers God’s final judgement or just the beginning?

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