Finally! The Pro-Abortion Senators Show Their Cards! February 26, 2019

Matthew 24:10-12 (NIV) 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold!

An amazing thing happened in the United States Senate on February 25, 2019. Republican Senator Ben Sasse sponsored a bill called the “Born Alive Survivors Protection Act” which would require medical personnel to extend life-saving and life-preserving efforts to any child born alive, out of the womb after an attempted abortion. Exactly the situation that was well-documented in the movie Gosnell, the story of a fiendish “doctor” in Philadelphia responsible for hundreds of murders of children born alive after abortions. One would think Mr. Sasse’s bill would pass unanimously because even the most ardent pro-choicers insist they care about not only distressed mothers but children too. Sure they do. The bill was defeated 53-44 and every single announced Democratic presidential candidate voted AGAINST it. Please look it up. Six prominent hopefuls for the White House. It’s all there in the news.

Allow me to shock you with this statement: these senators and those who joined them in defeating the bill are perhaps the most honest politicians in America. Why? Because they voted as they really believe. Abortion is so important to them that they won’t even vote to protect babies living and gasping for breath outside of the womb. They really do not care about unborn children and now it is clear that they are willing to approve of infanticide. Actually, all abortion is infanticide, but pro-abortion people have always been able to hide behind “the health of the mother.” Never mind that experts say not one birth in 100,000 actually threatens the mother’s life. In any case, no one can argue that the mother is in any danger that would be mitigated by putting her child to death after it is born.

There have always been three positions in America held by those regarding abortion. Many people support it. Many people support it sometimes. Many people are against it. But within that first category, we have all been naïve. Among the many who support it passionately, we are deluded if we think that once they have the facts, their position will change. Once they have seen an ultra sound, even a glimpse of one in a magazine article, they will quickly change their minds. But that is not so for the most extreme supporters of this ghoulish reality. Many of them do not care what the facts are. Tell them the baby has brain waves by the 4oth. day. They don’t care. Tell them the baby’s heart is beating at 45 days; they do not care. They are fanatically obsessed with retaining a woman’s right to have her baby put to death. Thus, they voted AGAINST this obviously sensible bill. They do not care.

This is their state: their consciences have been seared as the Word of God says in 1 Timothy 4:2. The word used is cau-ter-odd-zo from which we get “cauterize” meaning to stop the flow of blood. In other words, their consciences do not work! I knew that all along. Let me share a story with you. A true story from 1980.

I was a third year seminarian when Senator Edward Kennedy announced that he was running for the presidency. It was in downtown Boston and many people gathered to witness the big event. I was among them with a group of pro-life protestors carrying signs that read “Abortion is Murder!” We were there because Mr. Kennedy was a committed supporter of abortion rights. There we were … standing to one side sticking out but ignored by the press and everyone else, except the Holy Spirit of God.

Across from us were a group of women from Harvard carrying opposing signs that said things like “My Body! My Choice!” After a while, one of those women approached me and said something that opened my eyes. It was honest although depraved. I will paraphrase but with accuracy. She said something like “You pro-life people think that if you convince us that abortion is murder, we will change our minds. But what you don’t understand is that we don’t care. Even if it is murder, it is a necessary right and that’s just how it is.”

So, Senator Sasse has pushed the abortion obsessives to the point where they have to be honest. They do not care. Some may be sorry and consider abortion, even infanticide, to be a “necessary evil.” But they are quite willing to defend it. They do not care about the child. They say they are for protecting women from harm and back-alley abortions. But tearing the arms off of the unborn or crushing their skulls or burning off their skin? That is ok. They don’t care.

The great irony here is that by taking such a position, they are helping the most pro-life president we have ever had to be re-elected. They despise him but they are showing his position on the unborn to be righteous. It has always been my view that with all his unsettling manners and his obnoxious past, this president is the president by God’s will. Why? Because God is trying to be merciful to our nation.

There is no question in my mind that America is doomed unless there is repentance for the holocaust in the womb. Our greatest danger is not inadequate Social Security reserves or climate change or the deficit or anything else. Those are real issues but it is the ongoing slaughter of the innocent unborn that is inviting the Day of Judgment. We are, as Catholic writer Joseph Sobran has said “Courting severe judgment.”

In my little prayer book, I list people and situations about which I petition our Heavenly Father. At the top is this prayer: “Oh God please save Justice Ginsberg and, in any case, remove her from the court.” Sound cruel? Sorry. I’m sure there is some good in her but I’m also sure that she once said that the Roe v. Wade ruling was understandable. She said at that time, there was great concern about over population especially “among those we don’t want too many of.” She stands firmly in the tradition of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, the great eugenicist, who said, “We need to rid the world of morons, misfits and the maladjusted.” I could go on.

Jesus said: “Luke 8:17 (NIV) “There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

Now, this week … he has allowed us to see the real hearts of so many in leadership. Count on it; they will reap what they have sown. If you’d like to see your children and grandchildren live in peace and harmony with Heaven, pray for our nation as never before. Almost no one in the media or leadership or among the “elite” thinkers and cable talk show commentators see it coming. But it is. As Jesus said: “That Day” is coming.

Peace. Pastor Alberta


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10 responses to “Finally! The Pro-Abortion Senators Show Their Cards! February 26, 2019

  1. Dawn Krumm

    I think God the Father is hearing the groans of His people!

  2. Linda Holmes

    Amen Amen!

  3. Mary Henriksen

    This is SO heartbreaking to me.

  4. Vickie Cotton

    You couldn’t be more right! God bless you for your courage.

  5. Mark Bumann

    Amen Pastor, amen ✝️🙏

  6. Judy Stover

    Agree! Amen!!

  7. Carlene Meyer

    Not surprising, but sad beyond imagination! So much prayer is needed!

  8. Kathy Lindbeck

    We need to fast & pray for our nation- Ash Wednesday might be a good time to start.

  9. Blessings Pastor Alberta. I love the term Cognitive dissonance when referring to these people. We’re all about love they say, but we want to protect abortion. My body, my choice – give me Big Government. I pray for Pres. Trump every night, and for our nation. It’s sad how the decline morals, godliness, and even common sense has been in steep decline in the past few years. Thanks for your Blog.

  10. Jerome Peterson

    It astounds me to read and hear so called political “leaders” spew such unthinkable stands against our unprotected next generations. Your thoughtful
    piece on Pro-Abortion Senators, Pastor Alberta, shows the depth of their depraved thinking.
    And these same people feel they are capable of leading the greatest-or once greatest-nation in the world. This is one vote they will not see.
    Thank you for your insight and Pro-Life stance.

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